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Anastasios Spanidis

Advisor Board Member

Anastasios Spanidis currently serves as the President of the "Growth, Prosperity & Abundance (G.P.A.)" Ecosystem of Companies.

Demonstrating unparalleled entrepreneurial acumen, he founded Generation Y at the age of 18, concurrently pursuing academic studies. Over the past 24 years, Generation Y has evolved into a pivotal force, yielding remarkable results and serving as a cornerstone for the development of a vast international clientele. This success laid the groundwork for the establishment of the G.P.A. group.

The G.P.A. group currently boasts a comprehensive portfolio, offering a diverse array of more than 200 services. These services encompass Digital Transformation, Innovative Software Development, Advertising Services, Performance Marketing, Insurance Solutions, ESG Consulting, Lobbying and Networking, Research Market, Consultation Services, Investing Opportunities, AR/VR modeling, financial services, and more.

The group is actively engaged in fostering new entrepreneurship, participating in numerous startups, with plans for additional investments in this dynamic sector. Additionally, it holds exclusive representation for international products such as Algolia, ManusPlus, and Performia.

Notably, the group serves as the international representative for prominent forums, including Wobi (World of Business Forum) and the Balkan Ecommerce Summit.

Over the past 24 years, Mr. Spanidis has held a leadership position in the business realm, establishing himself as a distinguished public speaker and thought leader within the business ecosystem. With an impressive track record of over 500 speeches as a keynote speaker, he has graced prestigious platforms such as TEDx, Economist Events, World Economic Forum, the Delphi Economic Forum, and other notable events.

Anastasios Spanidis' business acumen serves as a driving force, positioning him as an investor, shareholder, or board member in numerous organizations and companies, spanning 14 countries both within Greece and internationally.

Fortune Greece recognized his accomplishments in 2019, naming him one of the "40 under 40" Businessmen of the Year. In 2023, he was honored with the "Business Excellence" award by Ahepans.

His digital footprint extends to his role as a jury member for numerous institutions.

Simultaneously, Mr. Spanidis holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Business Development in Europe for CEO Coaching International. This role is integral to the largest business coaching organization based in the USA, boasting a roster of over 100 international former CEOs. These executives bring a wealth of experience from global organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Colgate Palmolive, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Universal Studios, Mattel Toys, GE Carrier,Goodyear, Xerox, Domino's Pizza, AT&T, Under Armour, Gillette, Electronic Arts, Nestle, Morgan Stanley, Home Depot Canada, Bell, and others.

His commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship is further evident in his role as a Board Member of Theti Club (The Hellenic Tech Investor Club), a Founding Member of YDC (Your Directors Club), and a mentor at EGG – Enter Grow Go. This initiative, a significant corporate social responsibility effort by Eurobank in collaboration with Corallia Fund, represents the largest startup incubator in Greece.

Additionally, Mr. Spanidis is an active member of the Rotary Club, the European Bridge Chapter of Entrepreneur's Organization (EO), and serves as an Institutional Partner & Member of EENE (Hellenic Entrepreneurs' Association).

In his commitment to knowledge sharing, Mr. Spanidis imparts his experiences and valuable insights as an instructor at private universities and educational institutions.