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Delegation: The Art of Delegating Effectively
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There’s a great deal more to delegating than simply passing extra work off to others. This one-day training course teaches supervisors and managers the skills they need to effectively delegate and ultimately, accomplish more. Delegation: The Art of Delegating Effectively addresses the many facets of this subject, including when to delegate and to whom, the process of assigning work to others, and techniques used to overcome problems.   Participants will learn valuable skills, including:  
  • Clearly identifying how delegation fits into their job and how it can make them more successful.
  • Identifying different ways of delegating tasks
  • Giving better instructions for better delegation results
  • Monitoring results
  • Gain expertise in giving constructive feedback post-delegation, thereby fostering a culture of continual learning and improvement.
    Course Overview   Giving Instructions Three Types of Instructions Preparing Instructions   Setting Goals Know Where You Are Going Setting Goals with SPIRIT   Why Delegate? Advantages and Disadvantages More on Delegation Self-Assessment What is Delegation? Delegation Definitions Levels of Delegation Guidelines for Success Lateral Delegation   The Delegation Meeting Giving post-delegation Feedback