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Lasting, Positive Change
Focused on continuous growth and practical application, the 28-Day Challenge ensures your leadership skills transition from theory to practice. Each week, we provide support and guidance to integrate these skills into your daily leadership actions
World-Class Expertise
With a global network of accomplished coaches and trainers, we offer a variety of learning formats—online, in-person, or blended. Our experts bring real-world experience and a passion for leadership excellence, embodying our ‘For Leaders, By Leaders’ approach
Global Reach, Local Impact
From Europe to the UK and beyond, our footprint spans over 12 countries, bringing diverse, culturally rich learning experiences to your doorstep. Explore how our global perspective on leadership can elevate your organization’s performance and adaptability.
Accredited Excellence
Our solutions, meticulously designed and CPD accredited, draw from the latest insights in psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and more. This multidimensional approach ensures that our programs are not just relevant but transformative
Welcome to LeadFit Global
What we can do for you?
Unlocking Human Potential in the Modern Era. We achieve this through cutting-edge, evidence-based training, coaching, and consulting services.
In a world rapidly reshaped by technological innovation, the human spirit remains an unwavering beacon of strength and ingenuity.

At LeadFit Global LTD, we stand as torchbearers, igniting the flames of transformation in leaders and individuals, equipping them with the vital soft skills needed to excel in the age of artificial intelligence.

Be. Become. Belong.
These three simple yet profound words encapsulate our mission, our vision, and our unwavering commitment to human empowerment.
In a world of automation, it’s the human qualities that define our uniqueness that become increasingly valuable. At LeadFit, our pledge is to unlock the full potential of leaders and individuals, enabling them to stand out and excel personally and professionally.
To “Be” is to embark on a personal journey of growth. It’s the realization that our unique qualities, the essence of who we are, are invaluable. In a world where automation is prevalent, our individuality shines. We empower leaders and individuals to embrace their true selves, fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
“Become” represents our quest for professional improvement. In a dynamic world, success depends on adaptability, resilience, and a mastery of essential soft skills. We offer practical, engaging, and transformative learning journeys that equip leaders and organizations with the tools they need to flourish, driving innovation and fostering a collaborative culture.
“Belong” signifies our commitment to societal development. We envision a world where every person, regardless of their background or circumstance, can confidently and successfully utilize their unique talents. We’re dedicated to bridging the gap between generations, empowering Millennials and Generation Z with the essential soft skills to thrive.
Challenges of
Today’s Leaders

Feel overwhelmed, juggling multiple responsibilities and struggling to find balance.

Expending energy on low-impact tasks instead of leveraging personal strengths for strategic success.

Faced with decision-making overload, unsure how to prioritize and delegate authority for optimal efficiency and impact.

Struggling to navigate and lead effectively through the complexities of today’s fast-paced changes.

Challenged by the need to cultivate and sustain high-performing, cohesive, and motivated teams.

Finding it difficult to implement strategies that resonate across the organization and diverse team cultures.
Experience the LeadFit
Global Difference…
Imagine yourself as a confident, approachable, and inspiring leader who creates substantial change in your organization.
Embrace the LeadFit Global approach, and you’ll unlock new opportunities for growth

Discover the significance of aligning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions to foster comprehensive personal and professional development.

Overcome routine operational challenges and maintain focus on strategic goals with newfound clarity and purpose.

Learn and implement field-tested strategies and frameworks that ensure sustainable leadership excellence

Drive transformative success by creating a lasting legacy that positively impacts not only your organization but extends beyond.
Clarity is your starting point in the leadership journey. It’s about understanding where you stand and where you’re heading. Our method involves identifying your strengths and areas for development through focused assessments.

Regular check-ins with a leadership coach keep your development path transparent, focused, and on track.

Building confidence is key to putting your leadership into practice. We supply the tools—workshops, expert-led sessions, and comprehensive resources—to sharpen the skills you need.

It’s not just about knowing; it’s about believing in your ability to lead and inspire.

Capability turns potential into action. With a dedicated coach and access to a network of experienced leaders, you’re never alone in your quest for excellence.

Our live events and collaborative community provide the support that transforms learning into leading.

Meet the founders
Aneta Natova & Aksinia Sokolova
The dynamic duo of Aneta Mladenova-Natova and Aksinia Sokolova drives LeadFit Global forward. Together, they bring over five decades of Leadership Development experience, standing out as esteemed practitioners and thought leaders in the field. Their expertise has guided over a thousand executives and managers from various sectors in refining their leadership capabilities. Beyond fostering individual achievements, they’ve created an extensive network of outstanding trainers and coaches.


They say about us
Discover how Leaders from various industries are transforming their Careers and teams through working with LeadFit Global.


Nadezhda Peneva

Head of MicroBusiness Directorate,

UBB Part of KBC Group

I've attended 3-month programs with LeadFit and it truly stands out. The personalized approach and practical tools have transformed my self-leadership in the first place. I've gained the confidence to tackle complex challenges head-on.


Desislava Malinova

Chief Financial Officer,

Hospital “Sveta Sofia

I can't express enough how valuable LeadFit's development program has been for me. The support from their coaches and the inspiring community of leaders has been instrumental in my growth.


Milena Asenova

UX Designer Principal,


LeadFit guided me beyond my comfort zone and took me to the next level. My overall satisfaction, performance, and productivity increased significantly in just a few months.


Svetozar Cenev

Business Owner,

Uber BG Ltd

LeadFit's program has been a game-changer for me. The holistic approach to leadership development has not only sharpened my skills but also deepened my self-awareness. I now have the clarity and resilience to navigate any business challenge with confidence.


Marieta Krasteva

Founder and CEO,


As a seasoned leader, I was initially skeptical about the impact LeadFit could have on my professional growth. However, after engaging with their program, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations. The transformational journey I embarked on with LeadFit has not only enhanced my leadership abilities but also revitalized my passion for making a lasting impact in my organization.

Thank you!


Top questions about
LeadFit Global.

What Sets LeadFit Global Apart?
Simplified excellence, built to transform. Key Elements:

  • Integrating neuroscience with tailored coaching
  • Focused on real-world application
  • 28-Day Challenge for Lasting Change
  • Guiding Ethos: Be. Become. Belong. — spanning personal, professional, and societal growth.

Delivered For Leader, By Leaders

How Does LeadFit Global Customize Programs for Your Specific Needs?
Starting with an in-depth needs analysis and assessment, we identify strengths and areas for growth. Our approach integrates your company’s values, strategic goals, and annual priorities, ensuring alignment with ongoing initiatives within your organization. This guarantees our programs are not only effective but also deeply connected to your organizational ecosystem.
How Does LeadFit Global Measure Program Outcomes?
We are advocates of tracking progress and outcomes. By setting clear, measurable criteria, we evaluate the success of our programs across three key areas: enhanced leadership skills, better team dynamics, and uplifted organizational performance. Regular progress reviews are integral to our approach, ensuring we meet your objectives and driving meaningful change.


Can LeadFit Global Provide Programs in Multiple Locations and Languages?
Absolutely. Following the principle of “global reach, local touch,” our programs are adaptable for delivery worldwide, in several languages, and can be tailored to meet regional nuances. We collaborate with both local and international trainers, enriching our programs with diverse perspectives and facilitating knowledge exchange. This approach ensures your teams receive a learning experience that’s both globally consistent and locally relevant.
How Does LeadFit Global Balance Quality and Pricing?
LeadFit Global delivers high-quality leadership development experiences that provide exceptional value for money.

This strategic choice underscores our commitment to quality and the substantial value of our solutions.