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Foundations of Leadership and Management
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This initial module acts as your compass in the complex journey from being an individual contributor to an impactful leader. Leadership doesn't merely happen at the top—it cascades through an organization. Becoming a good leader involves nurturing and inspiring your team while using emotional intelligence, communicating clearly, providing effective feedback, and giving them the confidence to do their jobs well. We offer you a space to explore the science and artistry of leadership in a dynamic, interactive setting that includes real-time feedback and peer-to-peer learning. Key Learning Objectives
  • Discern between the nuances of management and leadership, thereby understanding the qualities essential for each role.
  • Cultivate robust communication skills with an emphasis on active listening, empathetic feedback, and articulate expression.
  • Dissect the mechanics behind successful team collaboration and leverage these understandings to drive group decisions effectively.
Course Overview Making the Transition How Will My Role Change? Questions Managers Have Responsibilities of a Manager Key Behaviors and Attitudes Good Manager versus Bad Manager Building the Right Environment Motivation from Within Committing to Lifelong Learning Communication is Key Mastering the Art of Communication Questioning Skills Probing Techniques Pushing My Buttons What Is Said and What Is Heard Managing Our Non-Verbal Messages Defining Active Listening What is Active Listening? Identifying Good Listeners Tips for Becoming a Better Listener Pre-Assignment Review