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The Art of Feedback and Motivation
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Employees who feel valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This one-day The Art of Feedback and Motivation workshop will help participants create a more dynamic, engaged, and energized workplace as they learn how to motivate employees. Every employee is motivated by different things, and acknowledging what motivates each person individually is important in strengthening their connection to their employer and workplace — a connection that will pay off in numerous positive ways.   In this course, learn about what motivation is; common motivational theories and how to apply them; and how to create and maintain a motivational climate.   Course Overview   Supervising and Motivation Why is Motivation Important? Identifying Motivators   Motivational Theories A Look at Theory Pre-Assignment Review   The Role of Values Work Values What Do We Value In Work? Bringing It All Together   Creating a Motivational Climate Behavioural (Reinforcement) Theory Expectancy Theory McClelland’s Needs Theory   Characteristics of Effective Feedback Six Characteristics Formal Feedback Framework Informal Feedback Framework State Your Case Pre-Assignment Review   Receiving Feedback Graciously   Applying Your Skills Situational Analysis Case Studies