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Building Resilience and Self-Confidence
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A healthy sense of self-esteem is essential for growth and achieving success, and this one-day training will encourage participants to believe in themselves.   During the course, participants will discover techniques that can significantly change how they feel about themselves, and how to approach the world in a way that will facilitate achieving desired outcomes.   Topics covered in this course include learning how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, building confidence, and setting goals that reflect one’s dreams and desires aligned with their roles.       Course Overview   Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Definitions Origins of Low Self-Esteem Putting Things in Perspective   Improving Self-Esteem How To Stop Destroying Our Own Self-Esteem Stop Spreading Negative Messages Throw Out Perfectionism   Building Self-Esteem Helping Others Can Boost Self-Esteem   Gaining Confidence Techniques that Work Debrief   The Power of Thought Negative Thoughts Flip it Around Tyrone’s Thinking Debrief   Dealing with Setbacks How to Handle Mistakes and Failures in a More Positive Way Debrief   Create What You Want Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals Setting SMART Goals My Own Goal Setting